Hay Chihuahua

The Chihuahua has an interesting reputation. Not only have they been the lap dog to Beverly Hills celebrities, but they are also known as shivering barking temperamental bitches.  As one of the smallest dog breeds, they generally weigh between 3 and 6 pounds and can live as long as 20 years of age. They come in a wide variety of coat colors and lengths, but they are all the same breed. In my opinion, the most iconic aspect of the breed are the pointy ears. As the Latino name suggests, this breed originated in Mexico and is very popular there.  Similar to the Yorkie, this breed is fearless and will hunt and kill rats and mice along with other small vermin. Also widely used for companionship, it is unclear if ancient Mexican civilization used them as food.




Just because this dog is very small doesn’t mean it needs less training than a large dog breed.  By not just taking your dog outside to potty train her, you should take her on leash to a specific area to learn to go in a specific spot.  Until she is well trained, it is recommended to set boundaries with her, keeping her off the furniture but keeping her close by. It is recommended to have a dog bed right next to yours for her to sleep on and keep an eye on you. This small breed is very smart and crafty, so if you don’t train her, dog ownership will not go smoothly. Since this is a smart dog breed, she is likely to pick up on potty training quickly since they are eager to please their owner and companion.


Health problems:

Chihuahuas are typically extremely healthy dogs, having the capacity to outlive many other breeds as they can live up to 20, but they are prone to certain problems. One of the most prevalent and well known health problems with this breed is their teeth. Some are born with very little enamel, which makes them prone to cavities and rot. If you notice your bitch has constant bad breath, take her to a veterinarian, because they may be able to help clean the teeth and provide supplements for better health. Another health risk that chihuahuas are prone to is hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Because of their small bodies, this breed has a harder time regulating blood sugar. The good news is that if this is caught early there is virtually no risk for your pup, but if it is never caught or is misdiagnosed there is a chance that he may go into a coma from organ failure. The best way to prevent that is to take your pup to a vet if he is experiencing hair loss, loss of appetite, or is shivering regardless of the temperature.



Every dog requires love and care, and chihuahuas are no different. Depending on how long your chihuahuas coat is, bathing biweekly or once a month will be adequate. You should regularly clip your dog’s nails, but how often is dependent on how fast your dogs nails grow. The anal glands should be expressed about bimonthly, but the times it is needed depend on your dog. Taking them to a vet and having them explain all possible signs of this action needing to be performed is best. That is a lot of things that you will have to do as a responsible pet owner, but having a cute and well trained little dog is worth it.  

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