Why Frenchies are so darn popular

Weighing anywhere from 20 to 28 pounds and living up to 12 years on average, the French Bulldog is the fourth most popular dog breed in the world. Most popular among people who live in cities, the Frenchies originate from England and France. Originally a cross between the toy bulldogs of English and French lace makers and either terriers or pugs, the resulting dog was born with its trademark bat ears and named Bouledogue Français. Ever since the breed first hit the streets in Paris, the dog has been a hit. The Frenchie is a people pleaser that requires little outdoor exercise and are very compassionate to both people and animals. It is clear to see why so many people adore them.


 Frenchies are the perfect dog for those who live in metropolitan areas and apartments because the breed rarely barks, needs very little exercise, are extremely affectionate, and have infectious personalities – you can’t look at one and not smile. As puppies, French Bulldogs can be a handful to deal with as they are extremely energetic and love playing rough. As the dog grows older, they will have less energy but will still love receiving and giving attention, to both other animals and humans. These qualities are very attractive to prospective pet owners, as the dog’s affection is limitless and they show it very well.


Frenchies come in a large variety of colors, dark brown/black with hints of lighter colors throughout, a light color (mainly white) with darker color spots, and uniform colors being tan, cream, mixed blue, and chocolate. Maintaining your Frenchie’s coat is a pretty simple task all things considered, make sure they have a healthy diet high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, bathe the doggo once a month, and brush their hair once a week. Bathing your doggie more than once a month can strip it of the essential oils which keep their skin healthy and shiny, which could cause issues down the line. By brushing your Frenchie once a week, you are ensuring that their coat is clean and shiny. Brushing more frequently is not necessary because their short hair does not leave much dead hair and does not need to be removed as often as other breeds.

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The most common health issue in Frenchies is their respiratory compromise which means that the dogs are prone to heat and exercise intolerance. If your bitch is ever struggling to breath or breathing irregular it is imperative that you try and cool it down immediately, as heat strokes are deadly. Other common issues with Frenchies are skin and ear diseases, as well as problems that arise in the spinal disks in their backs. The skin issues present itself mainly in allergies, which means that owners should take their doggos to the vet to see if they are allergic and should take steps to avoid having that substance around their pets.

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Frenchies are popular for a reason, and they make a great little companion for anyone who is missing the constant and unending love and affection that this dog breed offers. This breed can make that stressful day at work go away, so why not add one into your life?


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