Yorkies 6/23/19

Yorkies are by far one of my favorite breeds. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted one. It wasn’t until last year that I finally added a Yorkie to my little dog pack.  There are several members of my family with allergies to dogs and cats, so I usually try to pick a hypoallergenic dog when adding a new member to my family. This cute and non-shedding dog breed originated in England about 100 years ago with the intended plus of catching rats in addition to providing companionship. This miniature breed generally caps out at 7 pounds and lives anywhere from 13-16 years.  Before the yorkie breed became official, they were brought into the royal family and would be lap dogs for the queen.


Yorkies are very smart and love to please their owner, so they can easily be trained to complete tricks and tasks.  They are very emotional and get upset when they are disciplined for a negative behavior. This breed generally only connects to one person and It’s hard to change that innate nature of the breed.  They do well living in an apartment, but need a lot of exercise. They don’t do well being alone and think they are a lot bigger than they are. Yorkies are very stubborn and persistent, trying something over and over until they get what they want. In some cases this translates to fighting to the death, even when it is their own life that gets taken.


Hair styles:

Compared to most hypoallergenic breeds, the Yorkie has an easily manageable coat. It grows straight and isn’t excessively thick like the poodle’s hair.  The real question is do you want to keep their hair long or short or a hybrid of the two. Most Yorkie owners choose to keep their hair short because it’s the easiest to maintain. A Yorkie with long hair will require periodic brushing to keep their coat from getting tangled.  A breed specific haircut is a shaved back and medium length belly and legs. It takes anywhere from 1-2 years to grow out a Yorkie’s hair to floor length. It is recommended to put the hair on the top of their head in a bow if you choose to grow their hair out.


More info on hair styles


Potential Health issues:


If you notice a lull in energy level, especially at a young age, your puppy could have hypoglycemia, which is more common in small dog breeds.  This means that they are suffering from low blood sugar and should be taken to a vet for examination and testing. A quick solution to this is sticking a little honey in their mouth.  If you notice your Yorkie limping, they may be suffering from poor hip joints and is called “Legg-Perthes Disease.” it takes a full month for this hip joint issue to fully develop and is best caught early on. Often surgery is the solution to this problem.  Yorkies are also prone to having skin allergies and if they demonstrate excessive itching, they may have a dermal allergy to a myriad of things. Naturally this is something non urgent you will want to bring to the attention of your vet so they can help alleviate your dogs discomfort.

More on health risks


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