German Shepherds 6/20/19

Loving, smart, athletic, german shepherds are amazing and versatile dogs. These loving companions live up to 13 years and can weigh up to 90 pounds.  Originally bred by a military officer, this German breed has a long history of working alongside military and police enforcers. They are very capable and can be trained to complete a wide variety of tasks from sniffing out drugs to hunting to serving as a therapy dog. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular dog breeds.


German Shepherds have the capacity to be wonderful companions with children and it’s best to socialize them from a young age with children.  In England, they are known as the babysitter dog because they are very caring and loyal to their pack/family and make protective guard dogs who won’t hesitate to protect their loved ones.



This breed SHEDS A TON!!!  Especially when they are getting rid of their winter coat. They lose their winter coat in heaps at a time and is not a good fit for an owner with allergies. They require monthly bathing to keep their coats healthy which may be hard if you take them anywhere near mud or water frequently because they know how to have fun and get down and dirty.


Here’s what the American Kennel Club has to say about German Shepherds.


As is the case with virtually all dog breeds, neutering your dog will improve their mood.


This breed has a high energy level and requires daily walks and strenuous exercise.  If this breed’s exercise needs aren’t met, they will act out in the house and chew up furniture or worse. If you or your family enjoys the outdoors and exercise a lot, this loving companion is a great fit for you.


One potentially serious medical condition they are prone to is hip dysplasia and they should be taken to a vet for examination and xray if you notice them limping.


This breed loves to make their owners happy and should be trained in house rules as soon as you bring them home. If you don’t have experience training dogs, I would highly recommend seeking a professional dog trainer who can not only teach your dog, but to teach you how to be the alpha in your dog’s eyes.

For more information on the breed, check out: Vetstreet

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