Golden Retrievers 6/19/19

Yet another very popular dog breed… The Golden Retriever is a very loving breed.  As the name suggests, this breed was used to retrieve small game for hunters AND is golden in color. The average size of a retriever is anywhere from 55-75 pounds and they live up to 12 years as is common for dogs of this size.  They are the 4th smartest dog breed and the 5th most popular breed. With a propensity for playing fetch and jumping in the water, this breed thoroughly enjoys exercise as well as lazy time. This friendly and intelligent dog breed is perfect for a family or as a therapy dog.  


The only real potential drawback from the breed is the shedding, but its nowhere near as problematic as owning a husky. Weekly brushing will keep their coats looking nice and silky. This breed requires a large space to live in and doesn’t do well in an apartment.  Retrievers are highly sensitive and don’t do well with being scolded or reprimanded. These loving doggos don’t do well being left alone for long periods of time.

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Perhaps the best smile of all dog breeds, these loving beauties are very well proportioned and are very athletic with a propensity for playing in the mud.


Here is what the AKC has to say about Golden Retrievers:


While some dogs favor having one owner, retrievers are instantly best friends with whomever they meet.  If an intruder were to enter your house in the middle of the night, this breed would more than likely greet the unwelcome stranger with a playful bark and a friendly demeanor. They are generally great with kids and other pets and not aggressive.


Yet another reason they make great additions to a family. They love being tasked with an action such as fetch.  It’s as if they have an oral fixation as they will keep a ball or stick in their mouth for hours. They tend to be oblivious to overheating, so it’s essential to keep an eye on how much exercise they are getting. As you can see from the picture on the right, this “adogable” breed loves to chase, but doesn’t always bring the item back to the thrower. That is something that needs to be taught.

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The hardest part about having a puppy is potty training them. No one wants a pee stain on their bed, rug, or carpet.  This breed does best with a consistent schedule and a potty command. Often owners will use crate training to teach them to hold it in. If they start to mark around the house, it is a sign that they should be neutered.  Keep in mind accidents will always be a part of any success story, so try not to get mad when they pee in the house. Rather than scold, reward proper outdoor pottying with positive reinforcement in the form of a treat or verbal praise.

For more on crate training golden retrievers, check out:

With so much versatility to the breeds adaptability and capabilities, how could you say no to adding this loving animal to your family.

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