Oodles of Poodles 6/18/19

Poodles!!! One of the most popular and smartest dog breeds.  The poodle comes in a variety of sizes from teacup all the way up to standard and can weigh anywhere from 3 to 70 pounds.  Originally they were used in Europe as hunting dogs with high energy and a propensity for water, they would retrieve ducks and other birds from the water.

It’s time to get some facts straight about poodles:

First off they aren’t actually french. That’s a common misconception as they originate in Germany.

While the typical poodle cut may seem like it’s a fashion statement or even a flex, it is actually intended to keep the poodle warm with strategically placed tufts of hair while allowing the canine to move about with ease and agility. The most popular hairstyle is known as the continental clip.

Picture credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/490751690632706972/


Lastly, and something you probably already know, is that poodles have hair, not fur. They are hypoallergenic and allow dog lovers with allergies to dog dander to enjoy the companionship one gets from having a loving dog without the allergies that may come with it.


Because poodles don’t have fur, they don’t shed and require quite a bit of upkeep on their coats. Daily brushing and grooming ensures your poodle’s coat stays matt free which keeps your poodle from being in discomfort or in pain.  As with any breed, weekly nail clipping and daily brushing will prevent discomfort and save money down the road. Poodles have a long lifespan compared to most dog breeds and need their teeth preserved, so they don’t need to get pulled when they enter the later stages of their life.  The smaller variants of poodles in particular are more prone to gum issues so brushing their teeth is highly important.


For a more extensive read on grooming a poodle, check out this informative website:



Their energy level is higher than most dog breeds, especially the standard poodle, so they require frequent and extensive exercise.  People have even used standard poodles to train with them for marathons. If you intend to have your back yard as a means for your poodle to exercise, be aware that this highly intelligent breed will find any weak points in your fencing and explore the neighborhood. Making sure your yard is properly secured will keep them from getting into too much mischief.


As someone who has owned several sizes of poodles over the years, I can vouch that they will get into anything left unattended without concern of the ensuing consequences of their actions.  From getting into trash cans to chasing people away with intimidating borks to running away to explore the town, these fluff-balls have a knack for adventure and marching to the beat of their own drums.


They require a lot of love and attention and reciprocate ten fold.  This loving breed is the perfect addition to a family and will want to go with you wherever you go. While this isn’t always possible, you need to be considerate and inclusive of these loving creatures whenever possible.

Picture credits:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/863213453555430798/

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